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Spire's Api

Spire’s APIs are developer-friendly, with an emphasis on friendly. In addition to complete documentation, we also offer outstanding support that helps you start ingesting data and building apps quickly.

Search, Filter, Predict, and Process

Spire’s APIs allow developers to easily search and customize the data they need for research and operations. For maritime data, an agency can look up a specific vessel for unusual activity, a shipping company can create a list of all the predicted vessels in the Indian Ocean, or a hedge fund can narrow down to only oil tankers. Aircraft operators get the same level of filtering. Spire even offers fully processed GPS-RO weather data through an API.

How Spire Approaches APIs

Customers face a variety of challenges and need customized tools for intelligent decision-making. With Spire's APIs, customers can plug and play, effortlessly adding new data, predictive modeling, and key insights into their systems. 

Spire's RESTful APIs use tokens to authenticate requests. Responses from an API request are formatted as JSON according to a common schema, and returned with time stamps and filtering options. 


API Reference Documentation

Spire’s APIs are fully documented and ready for you to start integrating into your application. If you are not yet ready to start a conversation, you can start reading the API reference right now.

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