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Visualization and GIS

Spire collects vast data sets that track maritime vessels and aircraft around the world. Sometimes customers need a special tool to do the job of filtering and organizing the information. Spire offers comprehensive integration into popular visualization tools and GIS that allow customers to interact with as little or as much data as they need. 

How Do You See Data?

While not every company needs a visual layer for interacting with Spire’s data, some do. For that reason, Spire has developed relationships with companies who have deep backgrounds in data visualization and geographic information systems (GIS). With GIS platforms analyzing our vast datasets you will be able to drive insights and impact for the maritime industry and beyond. Whether you’re already using ESRI or need a slightly more custom integration, Spire and its partners can help.

Northern Sea Route
Esri partner
Esri partner - image
Spire has integrations for ArcGIS Pro and a full range of pre-built options for GeoEvent and ArcGIS Server.
Maplarge - image
The MapLarge mapping platform allows for easily customized experiences in a 100% browser-based visualization
Other Options

If you’re not an existing Esri or MapLarge user, don’t worry. Reach out and tell us a little more about your visualization needs. 

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