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About Spire Global
Spire Global's mission is to inspire, lead, and create the business of Earth observation for the benefit of all. With operations all over the world, Spire maintains 24/7 coverage of the entire Earth. 
A Brief History
In 2012, Peter, Joel, and Jeroen sat in a cafe in Strasbourg, France, brought together from three different countries by the International Space University. There, they scribbled down the genesis of Spire Global's mission: use nanosatellites to change the way we gather data about our planet, then put it into the hands of people that will have the biggest positive impact.
The way we rolled out products, they had to fit the three pillars that we defined for ourselves early on...
— Peter Platzer, CEO
What Our Constraints Mean To Us

Spire satellites stay in LEO, don’t take pictures, and probably won’t ever provide TV coverage.

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Imaging (taking pictures) from space requires a very large lens and a very large sensor. So big in fact, that Spire’s nanosatellites wouldn’t be able to do anything else unless the size was increased. Spire sticks to applications that use small, power-efficient sensors (broadcasting TV or radio would require high power) to serve the world with better data. Staying in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) helps Spire take advantage of the number of sensors by passing over each place on Earth hundreds of times per day.

Responsible Space Actor

What Happens When Spire Satellites Reach Their End?

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When a satellite is placed in a low enough orbit and has low enough mass, then it naturally de-orbits in a fairly short amount of time. You can always count on physics. For a Spire LEMUR, that's typically 1-5 years depending on the orbit. With a proliferation of nanosatellites, Spire has committed to being a responsible space actor. 

Spire's Global Team

With founders from three different countries, Spire was a global company right from the start.

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Offices Around The World

Peter Platzer (born in Austria), Joel Spark (born in Canada), and Jeroen Cappaert (born in Belgium) started the company’s first office in San Francisco. Shortly thereafter, Spire opened additional offices in Singapore, UK, US, and Luxembourg.

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Spire’s mission is to inspire, lead, and create the business of earth observation for the benefit of all mankind. Join us!
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